"Nothing about my child’s experience with anorexia, aside the the anorexia itself, has been typical.  Stef’s ability to meet E where she was, and then move forward together, has been essential to E’s strong and enduring recovery. Stef’s supportive and caring nature does not interfere with her professional focus on “unrestricted nutrition.”

Parenting an adolescent with an eating disorder is the most frightening journey.  Thankfully, Stef recognizes that and partners with you.  Together we have navigated multiple complicated transitions.  While it is possible to overcome an eating disorder without the care a dietitian provides, I know, beyond a doubt, that our family would not be in the stable place it is now without Stefanie Ginsburg."

-Parent of a 15 year old

“Working with Stefanie has not only progressed my physical health, but my relationship with myself and those around me. I look forward to our sessions every week and feel that she is a supportive yet proactive dietitian that I needed so badly. Aside from the experience and background Stefanie brings to each session, the adaptability to feel more as a personal than clinical patient has made my journey smoother and more comfortable. I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone looking for guidance and advice regardless of distance, progression, or assistance needed. Stefanie has been the mentor and friend that I didn’t know I needed during a lengthy and difficult journey with myself.

-20 year old college student

“Managing through a severe eating disorder with a teenage child is one of the more difficult situations one as a parent can face. Finding a pillar of strength and support to help manage through that process, along with helping both  the parent and the child find that path back to normalcy is a huge part of the healing process. Stefanie was forceful (with both us as parents, and without child) when she needed to be to help us to the next milestone, she was understanding and supportive when times were tough, and she was there to celebrate when there was an end in sight on the long road back to health. We would have never been able to do this on our own, and looking back, having a resource like Stefanie was a true blessing when the days were darkest, and when we needed guidance to help us and our child through a situation no parent ever imagines having to manage through.”

  -Parents of a 16 year old

"My great admiration for Stefanie Ginsburg dates back to when my daughter required a higher level of care for an eating disorder.  Stefanie was a key player on her treatment team at one of the best treatment centers in the United States. With experience, compassion, and dedication, Stefanie was able to connect with her in a way that seemed impossible. At the same time, Stefanie equipped me with the necessary tools to provide the emotional and practical support required for her to stay the course.  I’m happy to report my daughter is thriving and in a solid place of recovery!  Fast forward a few years, I now refer individuals and families to Stefanie’s private practice. As director of Stay Strong Virginia, I am in a unique position to help individuals needing services for an eating disorder get connected with quality care. I join other nonprofits and professionals in referring to Stefanie on a regular basis knowing that she is one of the best."

-Beth Ayn Stansfield, MEd

Stay Strong Virginia, Director

"Me and Stef(anie) have worked together for the past year and a half. I met her at an eating disorder treatment center where I then was able to contact her and have her as my outside nutritionist. Two years ago I never thought I would've gotten this far, but with the help of Stef(anie) I've been able to. And I can recognize my success and improvement. With her I've been able to grow and recover from my eating disorder. I've learned how to accept myself and my body, eat a balanced diet and still enjoy the foods I love."


"We cannot thank Stef enough for the level of success she's been able to help our daughter to achieve in the short amount of time she's been working with her (about 6-7 months).  Our daughter has struggled with ARFID + anorexia, knowingly for almost two years.  The amount of progress our daughter has been able to make with the help of Stef has been astounding.  We contribute this to the communication style Stef uses with our daughter.  She's very knowledgeable in her field and she's honest in how she delivers her information, which is in a frank, yet tactful, and respectful manner.  Stef is eager to find solutions that will help to get our daughter to move forward, but also be accountable to herself, and not let her eating disorder urges take over her life any more (especially compared to how it was a year or two ago).  Stef not only supports our daughter, but also us as parents.  She wants to find as many ways possible to give our daughter (who's 16 years old) as much autonomy, as she can.  Now that our daughter has stabilized (and we've seen so much success within such a short amount of time),  we've begun to have Stef see our son for nutritional assistance, as well."

-Cortney and Eric P.