*What might it feel like to be UNRESTRICTED with food and your day to day eating patterns?*

*How could it feel to be UNRESTRICTED in your mindset towards taking care of the one body you have?*

***YOU have reached the right place if you are in search of helping yourself or a loved one feels UNRESTRICTED by food, eating, and overall nutrition, health, and wellness. ***

At UNRESTRICTED NUTRITION, we have a passion for and specialty in working with adolescents (ages 12-17), emerging adults (ages 18-25), and also offer services to adults and families and caregivers.  

We aim to assist with and support our clients in moving away from a restrictive mentality of right and wrong.  Through the fostering of a therapeutic relationship, coupled with nutrition education, our clients will learn the truth about food and how the body utilizes it to sustain a healthy and full life.  

The goal will be to progress towards a balanced relationship with food and body, where our clients can truly experience freedom from the misinformation that plagues our society.   

A common phrase embraced by UNRESTRICTED NUTRITION and which defines our philosophy is:

 "All foods fit using the tenets of balance, variety, and moderation." 

 We base our day to day interactions with clients on these core principles:

Intuitive Eating

Health at Every Size

Body Kindness

For those with ARFID and other feeding struggles, the S.O.S. Approach to Feeding is utilized in this practice.