ARFID Trainings / Case Consultations / Supervision

Given that the ARFID diagnosis is still relatively new in the grand scheme of treating eating disorders, I am available to provide beginner through advanced trainings to treatment team staff for eating disorder programs with all levels of care, outpatient clinicians (both therapists and dietitians alike), and others who might find this education and practical application beneficial.  Equally, having found my professional niche in treating patients/clients with an ARFID diagnosis, I can provide cases consultations to assist treatment providers and caregivers/loved ones feel that they are using all of the tools in their tool box.

Trainings and case consultations available for varying amounts of time.

[Virtual] Initial Nutrition Assessment

A comprehensive nutrition assessment will be conducted during our first session. We will discuss food consumption and your typical eating patterns, an exploration of medical, family, and weight history and begin discussing goals for our work together. This information will help me to establish a thorough understanding of the individual and the ways that I can support the client within nutrition therapy. Together we will create plans and set goals to meet the client’s needs in pursuit of their personal journey towards health and wellness. 

This session is 60 minutes in length.

[Virtual] Nutrition Therapy Follow-Up

Follow up nutrition counseling is geared towards ongoing guidance in the direction of the client’s individual plan and goals. These sessions can take place weekly, biweekly, or monthly depending on the individual’s needs. We will focus on assessing progress towards goals and explore strategies to work through and overcome obstacles that stand in the way. 

These sessions are 45 minutes in length.

[Virtual] Family Nutrition Counseling 

My many years of experience working with Integrative Family Based Therapy has taught me how critical family and caregivers are when someone is forming a balanced relationship with food and health.  As a result, I think that treating the family as a unit is often an essential step in the journey towards wellness.  These sessions can take on whatever form the family and/or caregivers are looking for, with goal setting and action planning intended to meet necessary needs. 

Interactive and Experiential Nutrition Support

Sometimes the client feels that their goals are more applicably achieved through in-the-moment support, such as cooking, grocery shopping, restaurant eating and binge exposures.  These hands on opportunities have the potential to leave the client encouraged, which in turn can translate into sustained action. 

Professional Supervision 

Are you a professional seeking your iaedp Certified Eating Disorders certification? Are you a dietitian new to working with eating disorders and disordered eating?  I have many years of supervisory experience and can provide one time or ongoing supervision.

Service Rate Information

Initial Nutrition Assessment


(60 Minute Session)

Nutrition Therapy Follow-Up

$125 or $200 

(30 or 45 Minute Sessions)

Family Nutrition Counseling


(60 Minute Sessions)

Interactive and Experiential Nutrition Support


(60 Minutes)

iaedp® Supervision


(60 Minutes)

ARFID Case Consultations and Supervision

These will be individualized and tailored to fit your specific needs and are based on $250 per hour. 

ARFID Group Supervision

Variable - typically based upon $85 per person.

ARFID Trainings

Variable - please inquire for more details and information on these services.

*some reduced rate spots are available; please inquire for more information

More Information About Rates


Services provided by UNRESTRICTED NUTRITION Counseling and Consulting, LLC are currently self payWe can provide a monthly Superbill for any attempts with insurance reimbursement, but being reimbursed by insurance is not guaranteed. 

UNRESTRICTED NUTRITION Counseling and Consulting, LLC operates as fee-for-service.  We accept credit, debit, FSA, or HSA cards through a HIPAA-compliant system called IvyPay.  Payment is expected by the end of each session.

Under the No Surprises Act, you have the right to receive a “Good Faith Estimate” explaining how much your services will cost.  For more information, please contact us.